Water Flowers Mezuzah Water Lilies

Water Flowers Mezuzah Water Lilies

This unique Mezuzah with a pattern of Water Lilies flower is part of a collection named ‘Flowers of Israel’, designed in spirit to honor the most popular flowers growing in the Land of Milk and Honey.

The Six varieties in the collection remind us of the constant presence of flowers in all meaningful life-cycle events, while enhancing the importance of surrounding ourselves with the lushness of the natural world. By noticing and appreciating the flowers, we are appreciating nature and a world that was created for us.

Stylish and elegant, the curved shaped 3D Mezuzah* crafted in glass and platinum coated metal, is not only necessary to fulfill the Mitzvah, it also provides every door frame with beauty and originality. 

Platinum plated frame with gold plated inside ornaments can be an option. 

*The scroll is not included.

Product Characteristics

Size: 5.5”*1”*0.9” inches

Materials: platinum or gold plated brass combined with glass

Technique: Metal & Glass Work

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