Habonim Mezuzah

This innovative and modern Mezuzah case is a one of a kind piece of art.

With a modern and geometrical pattern, it has a very particular aesthetic, becoming a statement of originality and contemporary design in any home entrance or room door frame.

Made of brass coated with rhodium and handmade glass of various colors, this unique pattern designed by Avi Luvaton is ideal for who is enthusiastic about fulfilling the Jewish mitzvah while filling their homes with highly artistic value. 

With a Mezuzah* like this, a homeowner makes a clear statement not only about his faith in G'd’s protection, but about his style, his taste and his contemporary artistic preferences.

*The scroll is not included

Product Characteristics

Size: 5.8''*1”*0.9” inches

Materials: rhodium plated brass combined with glass

Technique: Metal & Glass Work


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