Tallit Set

Avi Luvaton exquisite Kosher leMehadrin Tallit sets are an example of an artistic partnership between modernity and tradition. 

Made with the finest quality wool available, each item is unique in its originality and texture, providing the opportunity to proudly perform the Mitzvas in a beautiful way.

Coming in a selection of colors, sizes, stripes styles, fabric types and verses decorations, every piece is thoughtfully designed and produced to remain with the wearer throughout his entire life journey and to be present during the most significant events of his existence. 

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The Tallit: Commitment & Protection for a Lifetime

Garments and Identity

No garment is more personal and special than a Tallit. And no Tallit is more unique and tasteful than the contemporary designs by Avi Luvaton created in his studio located in Jerusalem. 

The perfect gift for a bar mitzvah or for a groom, each set includes a Tallit, a Tallit bag and a matching Tefillin bag, all of them handmade in Israel.

The garments are worn daily and on specific occasions. They make a statement about what we believe in, the values we support, and which identity we are looking to preserve. When given as a present, they might serve as a means of expressing something special to someone.

More than just a piece of fabric or a regular garment, wearing a Tallit is a sign of pride, it indicates that the wearer is part of an heritage rooted in the lives of thousands. It serves as a constant reminder of the pact we have with G'd and our obligations as a Jew, since the strings and knots of the Tallit are a physical representation of the Torah's 613 Mitzvot.

Playing a key role in every Jewish man's life, the Talit is the garment that accompanies him throughout the most important and significant moments that take place in his life, and even beyond. 

The Tallit prayer shawl as Reminder and Protection

Whether it is worn every day, on his bar mitzvah celebration, on his wedding day or even in his departure moment, the act of wearing the Talit helps the wearer feel surrounded and connected with something bigger than himself; to feel wrapped by G'd's infinite light and protection.  

This form of connection, one of the most important traditions passed on through generations, is a reminder of an abiding, loving relationship. During a Jewish wedding, for example, the Tallit wrapped around the couple is a symbol of the Jewish home being created and a way to invite the presence of the source of life and love.

The Tallit has two parts: the garment that covers the body, and the Tzitzit (fringes) that hang off it.  By wearing the Tallit, we show that we are constantly mindful of how important the relationship with G'd is to us. The knots in the fringes represent our actions, the genuine commitments we are ready to make.

Choosing a Tallit for a lifetime

No garment is more personal, special and unique than a Tallit. It is meant to remain with the wearer through his entire life journey and to be present during the most significant events of his existence. In the braids of someone’s Tzitzit are the cords of his life.

Beautiful items that are thoughtfully designed and produced, are meant to allow the wearer to follow the tradition with the highest pride, and help in performing the commandments in a beautiful way including selecting a high quality Talit.

Multiple designs are available to please different styles and tastes. Avi Luvaton exquisite Kosher leMehadrin wool Tallit is an example of  an artistic partnership between modernity and tradition.

Beyond the differences in color, stripes and types (‘Talit Katan’ - small tallit - or ‘Talit Gadol’ - large tallit), every Tallit complies with the goal of bonding every Jew with his roots and reminding him of his holy commitment.


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