Gal Mezuzah

The Gal Mezuzah honors its curved and flowing shape. Inspired by a sea wave (‘Gal’ in Hebrew), this modern and minimalistic design is reminiscent of water, a fundamental element of nature. 

Made of brass coated with platinum and handmade glass of various colors, this unique pattern designed by Avi Luvaton reminds us that water is the essence of physical life while wisdom is the essence of spiritual life. Thus the water protects the wisdom of the Torah, a belief embedded in the piece itself.

By fulfilling the Jewish Mitzvah of hanging on his door frame a Mezuzah* of highly artistic value, a homeowner opts for a connection to art, nature, and the wisdom of his faith.

Available in two sizes: Small and Large.

*The scroll is not included.

Product Characteristics

Size: Small: 5.5''*0.85'' (appropriate for scroll up to 4'' long)

         Large: 7.5''*1.5'' (appropriate for scroll up to 5.4'' long)

Materials: platinum plated brass combined with glass

Technique: Metal & Glass Work


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