Torah Mantles

Torah Mantles are a soft fabric covering for the Torah Scroll and are mainly used by Ashenazi synagogues. Avi Luvaton has designed an assortment of Torah Mantles with popular verses and meaningful designs. Made from quality fabrics in the Luvaton textile studio, these Torah Mantles can be customized to order.

Please contact us regarding your order so we can have Avi begin to work on your personalized Torah Mantle.

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Custom Torah Mantles: a suitable design for each Community

There are many different styles of Torah Covers Mantles for different customs and traditions. They are generally made of soft velvet decorated with holy verses, lions, crowns and other customary motifs, but it can be also made of other materials and embellishments.

While the shapes and decorations may differ from community to community, they all fulfill the same goal: to grace and protect the Torah.

Nowadays luxurious, artistic and quality custom made Torah Mantles can be found such as the ones designed by Avi Luvaton. These are available to buy online or in his Gallery located in Jerusalem and are perfect for any synagogue in the world.

The glow coming from the Sefer Torah Mantle or Cover

Logically, everyone’s eyes are on one thing only: the Torah scroll dressed in a way that honors its significance and holiness. While it is being taken in procession to the podium (Bima), the glow coming from the Sefer Torah Mantle or Cover illuminates the synagogue, protecting what is just about to be revealed.

The Opening of the Arch and the revelation of the Sefer Torah 

The congregation has gathered in the the synagogue, as has been for generations. The most special and expected moment is about to take place: the opening of the Holy Ark. 

The Torah, the most sacred element in the Jewish faith is taken out with great care. The first thing everyone sees is the Torah Cover, the ‘garment’ that wears the Torah scroll and that protects a valuable and divine treasure.

Along its path from the Holy Ark, the focal point of the synagogue, to the podium (bimá), the Sefer Torah Mantle not only fulfills a protective function, it also generates great expectations about what is to be read.

The Zohar states, “When the Torah is taken out to be read before the congregation, the Heavenly gates of mercy are opened, and the Divine love is aroused”.

Torah Mantle: Protection and Unveiling of the Torah

On Sabbaths, Mondays, Thursdays and other Holy Days the Torah is taken out and read in front of the congregation. A magnificently decorated Torah Cover makes a special moment that everyone eagerly waits to witness, even more special.

Keeping the Torah wrapped up or covered, helps to perceive it as a very special gift that has been given to us.

The act of unveiling it before being read publicly and the act of ‘redressing’ it before being returned to the Holy Ark, makes its presence magical. 

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