Modern Nadav Shin Mezuzah

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Nadav shin is a modern mezuzah designed by Avi Luvaton.

This mezuzah has a modern sharp edges design with a special Shin letter “ש” added to it.

The Shin stand for Shaddai “שדי” which is a short for “Shomer Dlatot Israel” or "Guardian of Israel"

Materials (for small size): metal - brass plated with rhodium and glass

Small: 4.9''*1.1''*0.8'' inches (appropriate for scroll up to 4'' long*)

Materials (for large size): metal - mainly aluminum, "Shin" decoration - brass plated with rhodium or gold and glass

Large: 6.65''*1.85''*0.9'' inches (appropriate for scroll up to 6'' long*)

*The scroll is not included.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for any question or assistance in choosing the perfect mezuzah case for you. 


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