Mayim Achronim

The ritual of washing our hands elevate the Shabbat meal into a divine experience. Either two-handled cups or a regular glass without handles can be used, providing that the top rim has no indentations or spout and holding at least a Revi’it (5 ounces).

Besides taking into account these specifications that must be met in terms of Halacha (Jewish religious law), there’s an aesthetic aspect that should not be overlooked. A Mayim Aharonim set is an ornament of Judaica that can add an artistic touch to any Jewish house and serves the purpose of filling it with spirituality and self identity as well. 

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Mayim Aharonim set: a functional and beautiful home treasure

Some designs come as a set in which the Netilat Yadayim cup comes together with a plate, where it can be placed when not in use. Others come with a classy gold finish in its interior or with modern and colorful designs. The options are endless.

Our unique hand washing cup designs provide a perfect experience: they perform a simple act that represents something meaningful while their presence as artistic ornaments beautify any Jewish home.

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