Kiddush Cups

Avi Luvaton’s unique Kiddush cups are diverse in detail, style, and embellishment. The designs range from elegant and classic to modern and ornate and they all vary in shape, height, and style.

For centuries wine has been used to celebrate important events in Jewish religious traditions. Wine is an important part of Jewish culture, and their connection reaches back 5,000 years.

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Avi Luvaton’s distinguished Kiddush cups are breathtaking pieces that beautifully combine culture and design. His distinctive designs created in Jerusalem are truly one of a kind,  due to its details and embellishments. Every piece is Platinum plated outside and Gold plated inside for an elegant and modern look and  vary in shape, height, and style.

The Kiddush cup plays a fundamental role in the Jewish household: it is the vessel that receives and contains the most holy beverage, wine. Not only it is the recipient without which the mitzvah wouldn’t be fulfilled, but it is also an element that elevates the spirit of the moment by introducing physical beauty to the world of spirituality.

Our Kiddush cups are cherished items made to be passed down from generation to generation, or given as magnificent presents.

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