For more than 25 years, Avi Luvaton has been able to capture centuries old Jewish traditions and present them in a modern, vibrant, and elegant style of Judaica art and design. His breakthrough style and talents are uncompromising and always evolving.

Avi’s craftsmanship, materials, and designs make his Judaica art unique and sought after. Avi uses the best technologies and collaborates with great art masters from around the world to create his spectacular Judaica pieces. He imports semiprecious stones quarried from around the world and travels to Murano, Italy to create some of the glass pieces for his magnificent Judaica art using the renowned Murano glass blowing studios.

Avi Luvaton, a well-known Judaica artist from Jerusalem, has been creating luxury Judaica art for over 30 years. His pieces reflect his one of a kind artistic vision, and his Judaica store is considered a reference in modern Judaica due to the use of the most advanced technologies. 

Committed to the use of the highest materials and the most cutting edge techniques, Avi Luvaton Judaic art combines the perfect partnership between modernity and tradition. His Judaica products are unique in their originality and provide the opportunity to proudly perform the Mitzvot in a beautiful way.

The artist’s inspiring work can be found and admired in his Judaica shops in the heart of Jerusalem and also on his Judaica online store, where unique Judaica gifts meant for every important celebration or event in a Jewish person’s life can be found. As of May 2021, a new store has seen the light in Cedarhurst, New York where one can enjoy and discover the exclusive Judaica collection.

Each unique piece is designed in Avi’s studio, where he creates luxury and exclusive products in close to 20 categories of Judaica. His work is of the highest quality and long-lasting, and his items become family treasures conceived to be passed down for generations to come. His Judaica gift shop offers the following collections:

If you have been wondering ‘where is there a Judaica store near me?’ or ‘Where can I find a Jewish store with the most amazing art Judaica’, you’ve found the right place. Avi Luvaton makes it possible for anyone in the world to own a quality and one of a kind Judaica piece without having to travel to Jerusalem. 

Avant-garde in his field, he can customize his designs according to his customers’ preferences, new challenges that allow him to keep showing his advanced skills and unique style.


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