Hanukiah: Reliving the miracle of Hanukkah.
Avi Luvaton traveled around the world to meet and collaborate with the world’s greatest glass blowing and metal artists in order to present you with these masterpiece Hanukias.

These breathtaking Hanukias are sure to add more meaning and make your holiday celebration even more unforgettable.

They are spectacular in color and shape. There is no need to put them away or store them until the next festival of lights. They are designed in such a way that they can remain a part of your art collection all year round.

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The Hanukiah : symbolism and purpose 

The candles of the Hanukiah are flickering in front of the window for everyone that is outside to witness its light. The tunes of “Hanerot Halalu” resonate in the house filling it with joy, but also with the alive memory of those who heroically fought for the Jewish cultural and spiritual survival.

The Hanukiah is one of the oldest symbols related to Judaism that counts back to thousands of years. One of the emblems of Israel, a valued item in the Jewish culture and in every home,  it is also a reminder of the Hanukkah miracle when a small quantity of oil intended to light the Temple's menorah for one day, miraculously lasted eight days.

The Hanukiah has a clear purpose: to bring light into darkness. Its light reminds us of the great miracle G‑d performed, and encourages us to persevere, to have faith and begin to build even within a context of adversity. The menorah lamp burned for eight days, despite those that wanted to extinguish it forever.

The Hanukiah light in our lives today

The Hanukiah reminds us of the Maccabean heroic victory of the few against the many, and also of the oil lamp miracle. It is a Jewish symbol of proud affirmation and commitment to a particular way of life against the threat of cultural and religious oppression. 

Lighting the candles of the Hanukiah one by one during eight nights contributes to reaffirm our Jewish identity and our love for its traditions without fear and hesitation. That is why it is required to place the Hanukkah lamp where it can be seen from outside and where its flame can be shared.

Hanukah Menorahs

Hanukah Menorahs can be as diverse and beautiful as the communities that make them. All over the world we can find them in every size and shape standing inside Jewish homes, synagogues and even outside in the streets. Every single one of them is meant to cast a beautiful and inspiring light.

Ours are truly breathtaking pieces created to add more meaning to the Hanukkah celebrations. Avi Luvaton collaborates with the world’s greatest artists in order to create unparalleled designs.  

Nowadays, varied options are available for sale. A Hanukiah is a beautiful gift that will become an invaluable relic to be passed on from generation to generation. 

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