Luna & Sol

The Luna Mezuzah as well as the Sol Mezuzah honor their names (Moon Mezuzah & Sun Mezuzah respectively). Their unique shape inspired by the way the sun shines and the moon reflects, creates a design where the curves play with the light, showing the effects of the sunshine and the moon light.

Made of brass and plated with rhodium or gold,  these minimalist items designed by Avi Luvaton are a perfect example of modern beauty. Each line has its reason to be and reminds us of the synchronization of the sun and the moon, an essential feature of the Hebrew calendar. 

The strong, brilliant sun symbolizes the powerful and illuminating light of G’d. The subtle, reflective moon shining in the dark sky represents the Jewish people, whose job is to reflect the light of G’d.

Both Mezuzah* cases are distinctive pieces, containing two different but highly complementary energies that symbolize an important aspect of Jewish wisdom.

*The scroll is not included.

Product Characteristics

Size: 5.5''*1.15''*0.7'' (appropriate for scroll up to 4.3'' long)

Materials: rhodium plated or gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal Work


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