Modern Noa with Shin Mezuzah

The Modern Noa Mezuzah provides a minimalistic and highly refined design that beautifies and raises up any entrance door frame. 

Subtle and delicate with modern curved edges, this item is the perfect shelter for the sacred scrolls containing the Shema Israel passages*, while it provides a neat and luminous look.

A symbol of welcome and protection, the Modern Noa Mezuzah is made of platinum plated brass combined with glass for the small size, and aluminum combined with glass for the large size. Gold plated or rhodium plated ‘Shin’ letter can be an option in both dimensions. 

The design comes in a wide variety of colors in order to perfectly match each particular home or room.

*The scroll is not included.

Product Characteristics

Size: Small: 4.9''*1.1''*0.8'' inches (appropriate for scroll up to 4'' long)

         Large: 6.65''*1.3''*0.9'' inches (appropriate for scroll up to 6'' long)

Materials: Small Size: brass plated with platinum and glass 

                   Large size: aluminum and glass

     Gold plated or platinum plated ‘shin’ letter for both dimensions

Technique: Metal  & Glass Work



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