Afikoman Bag

The afikoman bag was designed and sewed in the Luvaton textile studio using the finest materials and laser cutting technology. It is used to hold the middle part of the matzoh that is traditionally hidden during the Passover holiday seder. The afikoman bag comes in a variety of traditional and elegant colors.

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The Afikoman Bag: the “dessert” of the Seder 

Afikoman bag - Everyone is gathered around the festive Seder table after a magnificent meal and a commemorative reading of the Haggadah. The time has arrived to eat the “dessert”, the larger half matzah that had been placed in a special bag and set aside, is approaching. But first, one of the most exciting moments for children is taking place: the moment to search for the Afikoman. 

The house is filled with laughter and excitement, in a race to find the great ‘treasure’ and receive the desired reward, the Afikoman present. The game fulfills its mission: to engage the children and prevent them from falling asleep during a very long evening. 

 But above all, the Afikomen fulfills its fundamental role by reminding us of the way Jews left Egypt, picking up their dough when it was not yet leavened. When freedom could not wait any longer to become real.

The Passover Matzah Cover: a required protection 

Gracefully covering and “hiding” the matzah with a piece of cloth or an Afikoman bag, fulfills a fundamental mission: to protect the essential Passover food. It furthermore honors it by containing designs and embellishments that symbolize the importance of what is inside. 

Keeping the Afikomen wrapped up and hidden contributes to perceiving it as a treasure, a very special sustenance. The act of unveiling it while opening the bag, allows us to experience great joy from its presence and keeps kids engaged with the celebration. 

The Afikomen bag has a protective function, but it also provides a highly pleasurable experience by beautifully unwrapping what is inside. 

Afikomen Cover alternatives

Available in different shapes, sizes and colors, Afikoman Bags can not be missed in any Passover Seder.

Multiple designs are available to please different styles and tastes, among which Avi Luvaton creations stand out. Made from refined quality materials and pleasantly smooth to the touch, they enhance an already magical moment to be shared by family and friends, adults and children.

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