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As a child Avi Luvaton would eagerly wait for the aron kodesh to be opened in order to see which sefer Torah would be removed. He would admire the different styles of each case and notice the details of all the special Torah cases that managed to protect each sefer Torahs that traveled the world and wound up in Israel. 

Today, Avi Luvaton designs Torah cases for both Sefardi and Ashkenasi customs. The Sefardi cases incorporate wood, metal, semi-precious stones and textiles and come in two main sizes. The Ashkenazi Torah mantles are made from high quality fabrics that can include verses, patterns, or leaf designs. The Sefardi and Ashkenazi Torah cases are made in the Luvaton studio using advanced technologies and can be custom ordered and designed upon request.

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Torah Case: Protecting, Honoring and Unveiling what is most Sacred - Sefer Torah

The Opening of the Arch: The Holiest Moment. The First Sight.

The voice of the Rabbi and the prayers of the people gathered together, echo  through the synagogue, like it has for centuries. Everyone is standing in signal of respect waiting for what is about to take place. One of the most special, exciting and beautiful moments of prayer in the synagogue: the opening of the Holy Ark. 

A member of the congregation has the honor of taking out what is inside with great respect and ceremony. And so he turns around holding and presenting it in view of all present, the most important element in the jewish faith: the Sefer Torah. 

Torah Mantle

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