Seder Plate

Israel’s water flowers were the inspiration for these beautiful vitrage glass Seder plates. The Seder plates come in two styles. The tall Seder plate has three plates built under the Seder plate to hold the Seder Matzoh and the short Seder plate is designed without the three Matzoh plates. Both styles are customizable and made from rhodium plated brass, vitrage glass, and optional gold plating.

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Seder Plate: the perfect vessel for a sensorial commemoration

The ceremonial foods are on the Passover Seder Plate, the Haggadah is about to be read and traditional songs are about to be sung around the festive table. There is an abundance of food and wine and the children are eagerly waiting for one of the most exciting moments when they are expected to find the Afikoman.

The Seder table is the place to sing, read, eat, and celebrate with family and friends the Jewish people’s miraculous exodus from Egyptian slavery more than 3,000 years ago. It is, and has been for centuries, the unique scene where everyone can appreciate the meaning of freedom and cultivate their bond with Judaism.

The Passover Seder table 

We can think about the Seder table as an altar where physical and sensory experiences take place through food, wine, blessings and songs. And through the shared meaningful stories that are told during the evening. Every element in the table should comply with the tradition requirements engaging our senses, but also our hearts and minds.

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