Kids Bunny Kiddush Cup

This kids Kiddush cup with a lovely bunny design is part of a collection dedicated specially for children.

The bunny, a charming popular figure for kids, is skillfully molded to create a lively ornament, a distinctive element in this adorable piece. 

Playful and vivid, this Kiddush cup with a tubular shape, is made of rhodium plated brass on the outside and gold plated brass on the inside for a magnificent look.

An excellent gift for a brit, birthday or newborn, the Kids Bunny Kiddush Cup is a beautiful way to introduce children into the Jewish tradition.

*The item can be also purchased as a set of three Kiddush cups, combined with a bear and a monkey design.


Product Characteristics

Size: Cup: H: 2.2”  W: Base 2.1”

Materials: Rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work  


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