Aviv Kiddush Cup Set

The Aviv Kiddush Cup Set is a modern contemporary set that represents Spring (‘aviv’) presenting lovely flower like decorations formed by colorful small stone spheres.

This lively kiddush cup set is made from brass and presents a luxurious rhodium plated finish in the outside and gold plated finish in the inside.

The set includes one large cup and 6, 8 or 12 smaller cups for your selection and it also comes in a wide variety of stone colors to choose from.

Functional yet highly decorative, vivid yet refined, the Aviv Kiddush Cup Set was created to become the centerpiece of the Shabbat table and to convey the most simple and wonderful message in every jewish toast: ‘Lehayim’ ('to life').

Product Characteristics

Size: Big Cups: H: 4.7”  W: base: 2.3” top: 2.7” 

          Small Cups: H: 2.7”  W: base: 1.8” top: 2” 

Materials: rhodium plated brass, gold plated brass and stone spheres

Technique: Metal work 


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