Colorful Kids Teddy Bear Kiddush Cup

This kids Kiddush cup with a lovely teddy bear design is part of a collection dedicated specially for children.

The teddy bear, a charming popular figure for kids, is skillfully molded to create a lively ornament, a distinctive element in this colorful piece. 

Playful and vivid, this Kiddush cup lower part is made of aluminum and anodized paint, while the top part is rhodium plated on the outside and gold plated on the inside for a magnificent look.

An excellent gift for a brit, birthday or newborn, the Kids Teddy Bear Kiddush Cup comes in a wide variety of bright colors in order to perfectly match each particular child’s room.

Product Characteristics

Size: Cup: H: 4.5”  W: 1.7” 

Materials: Aluminium, rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work  


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