Large Cheshvan Kiddush Cup

The Cheshvan Kiddush Cup is a sophisticated piece inspired by the Middle Eastern culture, presenting arabesque-like art where leaves, flowers and spirals form an intricate, infinitely repeated and spectacular pattern.

Coming in two different sizes, this exquisite kiddush cup is made from brass and presents a luxurious rhodium plated finish in the outside and gold plated finish in the inside.

Functional yet highly decorative and delightful in every detail, the Cheshvan Kiddush Cup is rooted in an ancient art form and conveys the most simple and wonderful message in every jewish toast: ‘Lehayim’ ('to life').

Product Characteristics

Size:  H: 3.7”  W: base: 2.1” | top: 3” 

Materials: rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work 


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