Flora Tallit

Flora Tallit

The Flora Tallit is a Mehadrin Kosher wool Tallit made in Israel with a highly modern artistic look. 

The Atara is beautifully decorated with flowers in bright shades of pink, a design full of volume, brightness and vitality. 

The Tzitzit (fringes) are attached to the smooth garment through a three dimensional pattern in two colors that can be achieved only with the laser-cut innovative technique.  

This Tallit comes in different sizes, stripes style and fabric styles.

The set includes a Tallit, a Tallit bag and a matching Tefillin bag, all of them handmade.*

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance in choosing the right size for you.

*The set does not include a Kippah

Product Characteristics

Size: Small: 68''*48'' inches

          Large: 76''*56'' inches

Materials: High Quality Wool & Synthetic Silk

Technique: Handsewn


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