Wine Fountain Tishrey Quartz Cup

The Wine Fountain Tishrey Quartz Cup is an elegant set made from brass and beautiful stones of your choice: amethyst, rose quartz, white quartz or agate. 

Each cup in the set presents concave sides to create a sophisticated shape and the main cup, which depicts a refined design of olive branches, proudly stands on an equally magnificent matching fountain fashioned with a customizable stone base.

The set includes a large central Tishrei cup and six or eight small Tishrei cups, each of them with a luxurious rhodium plated finish on the outside and gold plated finish on the inside.

Functional yet highly decorative and delightful in every detail, the Wine Fountain Tishrei Quartz Cup conveys the most simple and wonderful message in every Jewish toast: ‘Lehayim’ ('to life').

Product Characteristics

Size: Big Cup: H: 5.5"  W: Top: 3"

          Small Cup: H: 2.9"  W: Top: 1.9"

         Fountain: H: 6"  W: Base: 11.7" W: Top: 7.3"

Materials: stones, rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work and Stone work


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