Torah Rimonim Orchid

Created by Avi Luvaton in his studio in Jerusalem, and inspired by the flower after which it takes its name, this unique Torah Rimonim Orchid piece comes to glorify the Torah through its decorative composition of flowers and leaves, which creates a graceful sense of movement. The luxurious rhodium and gold plated brass, together with the red gemstones contribute to a quality alluring ornament.

The Torah Rimonim Orchid is great Tzedakah donation since it decorates the Torah in a way that enhances its beauty and holiness. The artist's design do honor to the idea of the Torah as a treasure, a very special gift that has been given to us. 

Product Characteristics

Size: H: 7.6”  W: (widest part) 6” | (base) 1.6”

Materials: Rhodium and gold plated brass

Technique: Metal work 


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