This Havdala set is a masterpiece of ingenuity and craftmanship.

Available in four different colors: rose gold, yellow gold, platinum or black titanium and a mix of chiseled and polished brass, the set includes one element for each Braha that will be recited during the prayer. The Wine cup is furthermore gold plated on the inside.

The set comes marvelously together with a choice of either a large gold or platinum plated chiseled tray or a small rhodium plated plain or chiseled tray.

Detailed pictures available upon request.

Product Characteristics

Cup Size: H: 4.1" W: Base: 3"  

Candle Size: H: 1.7" W: Base 1.6"

Spice box Size: H: 2.2" W: Base 2.2"

Tray Size: Large: L 11" W: 7.1" 

               Small: L 8.5" W: 4"    

Materials: rhodium/platinum plated brass, gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work 


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