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Welcome to a world of color, style and judaica.

For more than 25 years Avi Luvaton has been able to capture centuries old Jewish traditions and present them in a modern, vibrant, and elegant style of Judaica art and design.His breakthrough style and talents are uncompromising and always evolves special attention to the small details, using unique modern styles.

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Avi Luvaton — Your Favorite Judaica Designer    

If you are searching for the best place on the web to buy Jewish gifts, look no further. Luvaton is a one-stop shop for all your Judaica needs. We deliver a broad assortment of exclusive Israeli products to suit every taste and budget.

Whether you are looking for stylish Afikoman bags, original Challah covers, elegant candlesticks or authentic Kiddush cups, we’ve got you covered. Check out our online catalog to explore the full spectrum of unique Judaica art items we create. We promise that prices on our high-quality products will pleasantly surprise you.

Judaica with Style: Treat Your Loved Ones with Meaningful Gifts

Luvaton store is the perfect place for finding that special Jewish gift you have been searching so long. Our specialists put all their efforts to make your shopping experience easier. We continually enhance and expand our product range following the latest Judaica trends. At Luvaton.com, you can find a wide variety of fanciful Judaica items for both men and women at reasonable prices. Here, you can choose a wide selection of Jewish products, including:

  •        Mezuzahs
  •        Kiddish cups
  •        Tallit Sets
  •        Challah Boards
  •        Challah Covers
  •        Brit Milah Pillows
  •        Torah Cases and many others

Handmade Afikoman bag would be the ideal choice for people who want to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to Jewish holidays. The Afikoman bags  that we sell come in a variety of soft pastel colors, like delicate blue and white.

The Brit Mila pillow, you can personalize by embroidering a family name on it. Another great idea is to include special verses used for the brit milah ceremony on the pillow.  

Our Kiddush cups would be an indispensable gift to be used during Shabbat meals. You can choose between Aviv, Cheshvan, Stav, Tishey, and Floating Kiddush cups. Also, we sell top-notch Children’s Kiddush cups aimed at encouraging your kids to participate in the mitzvah of Kiddush. These symbolic cups will make your children feel special and included. They come in three styles: bunny, monkey and teddy bear. You can buy them either for newborns or toddlers. No matter what type of Kiddush cup set you choose, you can rest assured that all cups we sell are made from quality, non-toxic material that is durable and 100% safe.

In case you think about the perfect gift, then you should pay attention to Challah Boards & Covers offered at our Judaica  store. Carved out from natural stones and wood, Challah Boards are among the most requested pieces of Judaica at Luvaton. And Challah Covers would be the ideal option for individuals who want to add some style and charm to Shabbat and Yom Tov table. So, start browsing our online catalog to discover the full line of Judaica items Luvaton offers.

Make your next gift super special with Luvaton Judaica galleries.

Our Judaica store is the ideal place for individuals who want to bring Israel and Judaism into their home. The products that we supply are suitable for various occasions, including Shabbat, Passover, Bar Mitzvah or Jewish weddings, as well.

We provide deluxe menorahs, original mezuzahs, tallit sets, washing cups, Kiddush cups, and many other useful Judaica items at affordable rates. Our specialist team try their best to bring you an unparalleled collection of Judaica art. We stock dozens of great Israeli gifts at appealing prices. Whether you’re looking for first-class Israeli souvenirs or splendid pieces of Judaica and Jewish art, we have got a selection of great options to offer.  

Wait no longer — delve into the finest assortment of fabulous Israeli products you won’t find anywhere else, except at Luvaton!

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Multifunctional Magic

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Multifunctional Magic

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