The Stars Candelabra

The Stars Candelabra amplifies Avi Luvaton's skill to transform ordinary objects into outstanding artistic and spiritual experiences

Made of brass or glass with a white or black platinum, copper, gold or red mix coating, the candelabra is designed to light up to 15 candles and is inspired by the Milky Way and the Moon which gracefully gravitates creating a sense of movement. Each branch represents a star, all of which are connected to the origin of Times. 

The Stars Candelabra represents a constant connection with G'd and His everlasting light in our lives. It is through its unique details that it provides an ethereal experience filled with luminosity and color.

Product Characteristics

Size: H: 32.3" W: (base) 6.7" | (top) 17.3” 

Materials: brass or glass with a white platinum, black platinum, copper, gold or red mix coating.

Technique: metal work 



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