There are many cultures which are spread out across the world. The Jewish culture is one of the deepest and has a strong religious connection that is evident through its art. You will be amazed to check out the contemporary jewelry which is managed by the Jews artists. These precious items are available in numerous forms and shapes. There are several examples of Jewish jewelry from the past that are still famous. From the majestic Jewish Menorah to the The Hamsa hand, this form of jewelry is unique in design and appearance. Moreover, a religious significance is always present in all varieties. During the era of Diaspora, different symbols were marked into jewelry pieces which helped to distinguish Jewish families. Such ornaments are crafted in order to keep the tradition alive till date.


The Jewish Menorah is one of the important Jewish artifacts which is 3 millennia old. You will be amazed to know that the Menorah is the official symbol of the modern State of Israel. In terms of artistic analysis, the Menorah is basically a 7-branched candelabrum. The design was transformed into several golden Menorahs that stood tall as a human figure and shone in the core chamber of the Temple.


The Mezuzah is one of the most alluring designs from Jewish jewelry. It is basically a Hebrew parchment present in any Jewish home. The Mezuzah is generally placed at the doorstep as it is believed to protect the house and the people living in it. The size of a Mezuzah is usually small which allows it to be presented as a gift on special events such as housewarming.


There are several other Jewish symbols which are counted under the category of Jewish jewelry. The Hamsa hand, the Solomon Seal talisman and the Star of David are few of the popular ones. They are precious Judaica gifts which are made out of metals such as Pewter, 24 Karat Gold and Sterling Silver. The Arabic meaning of Hamsa is "five". So a Hamsa hand is a Talisman which is created in the form of a five-fingered hand. It is believed to shield the wearer from the Evil Eye. Hamsa hands can be placed in the house or hung on walls. It is also worn as a bracelet around the ankle or wrist. Jewish people also wear it as a necklace set. Jewish jewelry is inspired by different historical events which makes it so interesting. Most of these valuable jewelry designs are focused to remind the Jewish believers about their tradition and faith. You will surely be mesmerized by the designs that are present in the form of silver necklaces, exquisite talismans and charm bracelets. The crafting of these jewish jewelry pieces is done with precision and patience by the talented craftsmen.


These contemporary jewelry designs are rare to access and are confined to the Israeli state. If you wish to learn more about Jewish Jewelry and its varieties then browse through the marvelous collection managed at Avi Luvaton.

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