When we talk about Jewish jewelry, then the first thing which strikes our mind is the ancient tradition which is linked with it. There are a number of styles which are present under Jewish jewelry that are famous among the local as well as global audience.

One such variety is the Jewish Menorah that has an important significance in the Israeli culture. Menorah pendants are connected to Jewish faith which is a strong symbol of the religion itself. The menorah is one of the oldest symbols related to Judaism that counts back to thousands of years.


What exactly is a Menorah? The contemporary menorah is basically a seven-armed candle holder which is used for carrying out important religious rituals. It is a valued item in the Jewish culture and is also present on the emblem of Israel. The standard menorah depicts several different things. The first thing is the burning bush which was seen by Moses and after which God made a conversation with him. It is also believed to offer God’s everlasting presence in our lives. The menorah has seven different branches for each day of the week. It represents a constant connection with God for the entire week.


  • The standard menorah has been there in the Jewish culture for thousands of years. But in countries like the United States, the Hanukkah menorah is widely used. It is also called as the Hanukiah and features nine arms. Four arms are present on each side with an elevated arm in the middle. The central elevated branch is called as the Shamash. It is used to light up the other branches.
  • The Hanukiah has a historical connection which is quite interesting. It depicts the miracle of the burning oil which is followed by the famous Jewish uprising against Antiochus. They only had limited scared oil to burn the holy menorah for a single day. But due to some wonder the oil lasted for eight long days. This incident is still remembered by the Jewish people and is celebrated as an eight-day long festival.


  • Jewish menorah pendants are worn by a majority of Jewish people. The Menorah jewelry usually features the seven-armed menorah, but the Hanukiahs are also present in a number of ornaments. Talking about the Star of David, the menorah is the most apt symbol which is merged with Judaism. If you are wearing a necklace that consist a menorah pendant, then it showcases your link with Judaism and your bond with God. Wearing a menorah near to the heart is a good way to take God everywhere you go.
  • If you are wearing a pendant that has nine-branched Hanukiah, then it depicts the fighting spirit and the vibrant history of the Jewish people. A Hanukiah pendant is a good way to honor the obstacles that Judaism had to face in the past.

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