White Doves Design Challah Dish 11.4"

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


Looking for a plate to serve the Challah on Shabbat or any other day?

This dish comes in a size of 11.4 inches.

This Challah dish has a beautifull golden fabric with a doves design.

You can find it in other colors and sizes as well.

This is a great item for a holiday gift.

Available: 1000 in stock

Gorgeous white fabric with doves and Shabbat Kodesh hand embroidered detailing covers a beautiful challah dish.

The sheen fabric and center plate are decorated with lazar cut images of doves in flight .

The small plate that fits in the center of the bowl is set on top of the delicate fabric keeping it in place.  

This bowl is made available in larger size, different colors, and other festive designs.  

Comes with three pieces: bowl, fabric cover, and plate

Width = 15.70000000
Height = 0.00000000