Vitrage Water Flowers Seder Plate Set Short

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This is a short Seder Plate Set in a beautiful colored glass vitrage design.

Avi Luvaton designs this seder plate in two sizes – you can also find a taller one with additional matzah plates.

In the Jewish tradition, on the Seder table on the eve of Passover there must be a Passover plate with the following dishes on it: Zroah, Egg, Chazeret, Charoset, Karpas and Maror.

Available: 9999 in stock

The short stained glass seder plate was designed to resemble Israeli water flowers.

The glass colors can be customized.

It includes clear petal shaped glass dishes.

It is so beautiful that it can be set on display when the holiday is over or given as a gift.

The seder plate is hand-crafted from a combination of brass, stained glass, and easily cleanable rhodium polish and optional gold plating.

Width = 15.00000000
Height = 1.70000000