Light Blue Glass Lights Hanukiah

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Hanukkah is a festival of lights and colors.

In cooperation with one of the greatest artists in glass mouth blowing technique in Murano Italy, Avi Luvaton has created an impressive elegant Hanukia or  Chanukah Menorah with unique color combinations.

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This Light Blue Hanukiah was blown by mouth from murano glass in Italy by Avi Luvaton.

The glass pieces were brought to Israel and formed into this incredible hanukia masterpiece.

The special rhodium polished base allows the hanukia to stay silver and shiny without needing to polish it.

This Light Blue Glass Lights Hanukia could be used as a functional piece of art and Judaica that can be kept on display year-round.

Materials: murano glass, brass, rhodium polish

Width = 16.00000000
Height = 27.50000000