Cream Verse (Pasuk) Talit

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


“Vetzivanu Leitatef be Tzitzit”

This is a Tallit with a verse written on it.

This Tallit comes in a cream color.

You can select the size, stripes color and fabric type.

This product includes a tallit and tefillin bags.
*does not include a Kippah


“My soul, bless the Lord”  from Psalms 103:1 ( ״ברכי נפשי את ד׳״- תהילים ק״ג,א) is embroidered the atarah.

A modern leaf flower design is hand embroidered on the ataroh and two small leaf flowers are embroidered in the four corners of the Cream Verse talit.

Tere are 3 ways to customize this talit: size, fabric, and color

There is no matching kippah for this set but it does include bags that match for tefilin and the talit!

White Tzitzit

100% wool

Kosher Mehadrin

Width = 0.00000000
Height = 0.00000000