Rainbow Washing Cup

The Rainbow Washing Cup is part of Avi Luvaton’s ‘Rainbow Collection’ which includes washing cups, candlesticks and dreidles.

Made from rhodium plated brass with a luxurious interior gold finish, the piece presents modern lines, a curved trim and an elegant conical shape that perfectly fits on its base.   

This design comes with a matching plate where it can be placed when not in use, which features stunning hand painted patterns and customizable color backgrounds. When light strikes the humble dome shape, it causes the vibrant rainbow to reflect.

Product Characteristics

Measurements: Washing Cup Diameter: 5.6 inches

      Base Diameter: 6.6 inches

      Height of the Washing Cup on its base: 5.9 inches

Materials: Plexiglass, rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work & Hand Painting


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