Water Flower Vitrage Tzedaka Box Gold Plated

The Water Flower Vitrage Tzedaka Box Gold Plated is an artistic colorful piece that is part of Avi Luvaton’s vitrage collection inspired by stained glass windows, an ancient captivating technique in architecture and design. 

The coloured glass is crafted into a stained glass window in which small pieces of glass are arranged to form water flower patterns, held together by strips of gold plated brass and supported by a rectangular frame.

Through its function and the inscription ‘The world is built on kindness’ (Psalms 89:3) in hebrew letters, this lively and colorful design beautifully introduces the value of tzedakah in the life of every believer, an important mitzvah in the jewish tradition. 

Product Characteristics

Size:  H: 9.5”  W: 6.5” D: 8.2’’      

Materials: gold plated brass, colored glass

Technique: Metal work and Glass Work


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