Flowers Design - Torah Case

The Flowers Design Torah Case is one of the captivating Torah Cases created by Avi Luvaton in his studio in Jerusalem. 

Inspiring, sophisticated and unique, this piece of art is made from strong, resistant and lightweight white covered carbon fiber combined with luxurious elements in metal. 

Subtle yet fascinating, the Flowers Design Torah Case presents beautiful metal orchid ornaments that create a graceful sense of movement, and a decorative verse that can be customized by order.

The Torah cover is the first thing believers see when the Aron Hakodesh is opened. The artist’s designs do honor to the idea of the Torah as a treasure, a very special gift that has been given to us. 

Product Characteristics:

Size: It comes in various sizes, to match any size of the scroll

Materials: carbon fiber, rhodium plated brass and gold plated brass 

Technique: Metal work


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