7 Species Mezuzah Figs

This unique Mezuzah with a pattern of  Figs was designed in the spirit of the Seven Species of the Land of Israel.

The Seven Species (five fruits and two grains) were mentioned in the Torah as typical products of the Holy Land.

Just as these species are necessary for sustenance (grain) and add pleasure to life (fruit), this delightful Mezuzah is also necessary to fulfill the Mitzvah while it provides every door frame with beauty and originality.

Stylish and elegant, the curved shaped 3D Mezuzah crafted in glass and rhodium coated metal, depicts a meaningful symbol in the Jewish tradition, being the perfect shelter for the sacred parchment scrolls of Shema Israel*. 

Rhodium plated frame with gold plated inside ornaments can be an option.  

*The scroll is not included.

Product Characteristics

Size: 5.5”*1”*0.9” inches

Materials: rhodium or gold plated brass combined with glass

Technique: Metal  & Glass Work

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