torah case honoring and Unveiling what is most Sacred

The Opening of the Arch: The Holiest Moment. The First Sight.

The voice of the Rabbi and the prayers of the people gathered together, echo  through the synagogue, like it has for centuries. Everyone is standing in signal of respect waiting for what is about to take place. One of the most special, exciting and beautiful moments of prayer in the synagogue: the opening of the Holy Ark. 

A member of the congregation has the honor of taking out what is inside with great respect and ceremony. And so he turns around holding and presenting it in view of all present, the most important element in the jewish faith: the Torah. 


Sefaradic Torah Case Torah Case

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Logically, everyone’s eyes are on one thing only: the Torah scroll dressed in a way that makes honor to its significance and holiness. While it is being taken in procession to the the podium (bimá), the glow coming from the Sefer Torah mantle or cover, illuminates the synagogue protecting what is  just about to be revealed.

The Zohar states, “When the Torah is taken out to be read before the congregation, the heavenly gates of mercy are opened, and the Divine love is aroused”.

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