Why Jewish Mezuzah is So Important in Judaism Culture

The traditional Judaica Mezuzah is believed to be the principal protector of the Jew homes. They comprise of the Mezuzah scrolls that consist of the prominent religious Hebrew passages known as the Shema Israel. These passages are included within the Mezuzah scroll or Klaf.


There are a number of predominant symbols across Judaism. Some of the most popular ones include – Hamsa, Torah, Star of David, etc. However, of these it is the Mezuzah that happens to be the most misunderstood symbol in this religion. The first mention of Mezuzah is noted in the Torah and in the modern times, the Judaica Mezuzah embellish the doors of most religious Jewish families. Be it an orthodox or a modern Jewish family, the Mezuzah is found at the doorsteps of every home. However, before any Jewish family fixates the Mezuzah scrolls on their doorstep, it is mandatory to adhere to a certain set of rules.


Mezuzah has been around ever since the Biblical times. Going by the Deuteronomy, it is written that the Mezuzah ought to be placed on the doorstep of the Jew homes. Therefore, since the commandments seek the Jewish families to perform this ritual, almost every religious family abides by this practice. Literal translation of Mezuzah means doorposts. Thus, it largely refers to the symbol writing as has been conveyed by God himself. On the whole, it brings forth all the commandments that have been written on the doorposts of the Jewish families.


The initial para of the religious scriptures relates to the Shema Yisrael over the parchment paper. This is what is referred in accordance to the Deuteronomy. In keeping with the religious laws, in the Jewish Mezuzah, the passages of Shema Yisrael ought to be recited when the Jews lie down or wake up from the sleep. Throughout the week, such passages get repeated many times during the religious prayers.


Of the Jewish Mezuzahs, the Parchment holds holds a significant value. It is first rolled upwards and further placed within the tube to place it on the doorpost. Usually, the holder is made of different materials but the Mezuzah is largely comprised of wood, marble or metal.


The Mezuzah ought to be fixed only on those homes that are of permanent nature. Temporary houses are not allowed to add Mezuzah on their doorposts. After the owner of the home, moves to a new residence, they’ll have to fix the Mezuzah within the time span of 30 days. For people staying in Israel, the Mezuzahs ought to be installed with immediate effect. You’ll have to place the Mezuzah over the top one third portion of the door post. You can either place it slanted, inward or vertically. It all depends on the Jewish customs adopted by the family. Take note, it is mandatory to place the Mezuzahs on the front doorpost however there are certain families that prefer to place the Mezuzahs on the exterior of each floor with an exclusion of bathroom only.


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