Judaica Mezuzah - a fundamental symbol of protection

There’s no other symbol in judaism that is more directly bonded with the idea of protection than the Judaica Mezuzah. A shelter for sacred scrolls containing the Shema Israel passages, it is one of the most recognisable and meaningful symbols in the jewish culture, and its presence on the doorstep of the Jewish homes represent a powerful protective force for those living in them.

The Talmud tells the story of the Parthian King Artaban who sent a pearl of purest radiance to Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi (Judah the Prince, known as Rebbi) and requested that he should send him something equally precious in return. Rebbi sent him amezuzah. Artaban said: ‘I sent you something beyond price, and you sent me something that sells for a debased coin of no value!’ Rebbi replied: ‘You sent me something that I have to guard; whereas I sent you something that guards you’.

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A perfect Art Judaica Mezuzah case for everyone

For those looking for a mezuzah store or to buy a mezuzah to keep their homes peaceful and protected, these holy objects come in all different designs, materials and sizes that satisfy the most diverse aesthetics and styles.

The options are endless: many desire a glass modern mezuzah case to give their homes a contemporary style. Some others long for a rhodium coated mezuzah case that reflects elegance and luxury while it doesn't become blackened or easily scratched. Many may even enjoy an extra large mezuzah case that suggests abundance and pride for their own roots.

Through his mezuzah choice, each homeowner makes a clear statement not only about his faith in god’s protection, but about his style, his taste and his artistic preferences.

Avi Luvaton is a reference artist for those looking for a unique designer mezuzah case or a innovative and modern mezuzah case, since more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about fulfilling the jewish mitzvah while filling their homes with highly artistic value.

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