Jewish culture is among the oldest ones in the world, it has a rich heritage and culture. It is a culture developed by Jewish people and when the Jewish nation was formed. Most of the art and jewelry by Jewish people aligns with the values and cultural importance they have in their society. Graphic art has a lot of importance in Jewish culture and so does the jewelry they make. Usually, the art work of most of the traditions look alike and offer nothing new but Jewish art is something quite unique and different.


Jewish art is older than any other country's art forms as it was among the first religions to devote their time to developing art. Jewish art form has a slogan that says,"Remember the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt." The insecurity that came with homelessness reflected truly in their art.


In the Bible too, there are descriptions of some of the most beautiful art forms made by Jewish people. Whole of Jewish art revolves around the idea that God's existence is eternal and protective. Hence, the mention in the Bible tells a lot about Jewish art and the popularity it gained from then on. In the olden times, many other cultures followed Jewish art as well because of its supreme artistic value and importance.


Jewish Jewelry had also become quite popular in the past era and it still has a lot of relevance in the current generation too. The historical value that it holds is quite significant and this is the reason why many people prefer it. Although not everyone is fond of Jewish jewelry but people who love the Jewish culture and art will definitely like it more than others.


There are various features of Jewish art and these features belong to them since the beginning:
  • Unidentical symmetrical composition: There is an uniqueness level in its art which is highly unidentical yet quite symmetrical. This is an unusual combination which is hard to find elsewhere. Many kinds of art are also made in a way where similar objects are rendered dissimilarly.
  • Jewish iconographic conventions: Most of the Jewish structures and objects are decorated with the help of these iconographic conventions. The Menorahs and the ark of thescrolls are also used at various places throughout the Jewish nation.
  • Influence on Christianity: The Christian culture has taken a lot of influence for its art from the Jews. For the same reason, you would also find many references of Jewish art in the Christian art forms throughout the world.


Even in the current world, there is a lot of importance that Jewish art gets. Be it their graphics, music, movies or jewelries. There are many Judaica web stores like the Luvaton which avails you the best of Jewish art and jewelry. Moreover, Jewish art and other forms of jewelry is apt for gifting your loved ones as well as having it for yourselves too. arrow slide down

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