Sabbath is a Jewish day of rest. It is an important part of Jewish custom so that means you really need to plan ahead of time so as to ensure that you make your Sabbath experience all that it ought to be. One simple and easy way to add some new and positive energy to the Sabbath experience is by way of a variety of Judaica items that form a quintessential part of the day, from the beginning to the end. From artistic to modern or traditional, everyone has their own taste and way of doing things. Here we have come up with with few Judaica gifting suggestions that can help you get in touch with yours.

Candlesticks The stately lighting of the candles indicates the commencement of the Sabbath. For centuries at length, Judaica art makers from across the globe have been designing magnificent Shabbat candlesticks to help the families bring in the happy light of the Sabbath in their homes. Usually the traditional candlesticks were made using sterling silver. Today the more contemporary styles have come up with candlesticks made using wood, glass, aluminium brass, and more.

Challah Boards Time to eat! A challah tray or a board is one a principal must have on the Sabbath table. Stunning contemporary and traditional styles and designs include hand painted wood or silver plated with Jerusalem motif, Jerusalem stone a well as painted glass and stainless steel with glass or Swarovski stones which are regarded as some of the best challah boards from anywhere in the world. Also, buy a stylish challah cover too. Kiddush Cup - Kiddush Cups are invariably the most legendary Judaica gifting item.

You can find Kiddush cups in a myriad of designs. In addition to the more traditional silver designs, today you also have at your fingertips exquisite selection of modern Kiddush cup designs from some of the most legendary artists such as Lily Shohat, Yair Emanuel and Avner Agayof, historical replicas from the Israel Museum and magnificent enamelled pewter cup. Netilat Yedayim After Kiddush comes the traditional washing of the hands using a natla. It is a process known as “netilat yadayim.” You can make a choice from the vast selection of washing cups or “natla” available online from stores like Avi Luvaton. Challah Covers On the day of Sabbath, it is a traditional custom to dip the bread in salt and say a kiddush on it.

Before blessing the bread and eating it, the bread or challah should be covered. Why not use this as an opportunity to add a little more beauty on the table? Challah covers are a good addition on the table and can be shopped from any prominent Judaica store either online or offline. Havdalah Another beautiful way to accentuate the beauty of this Jewish ceremony to mark the end of the Sabbath is using a variety of Havdalah sets that will comprise of a salt holder, cup and a candle. Final Say By accentuating and enhancing these moments by use of these exquisite items, the necessary emotional channels will be invoked in you to better connect with the powerful holiness inherent in this day. Hopefully, this celebration will change, only for the better with these!

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