Jewish jewelry has numerous designs that are very popular. You will be amazed to know that most of these styles have a religious significance that is valued by the Jewish people. Menorah is one such important artifact that is present in homes and is also available in the form of pendants which is worn by a major population in Israel. Where to buy them? There are several markets present in the country which are totally dedicated for the sale of Menorahs. Menorah for Sale can be spotted mainly during the festive season. Usefulness of Menorah The menorah is used mainly for the eight-day celebration of the festival of Hanukkah.

In Hebrew, Menorah is known as Hanukiyah. Most people call it as a candelabrum or candelabra. Hanukkah is celebrated every year in the Hebrew month of Kislev. The 25th day of this month is fixed to celebrate the festival. A menorah traditional has seven branches. But with time seven branched menorahs are rarely used. Today the most common menorah consists of eight branches. There is a ninth branch which is to hold the candle that is used to burn the other candles. On the first night of Hanukkah a single candle is lit. The Shamash candle, that is, the candle in the middle of the menorah is used to light the other candles.

Market for Menorah

The menorahs made in Israel are popular worldwide. The artistic beauty of these menorahs is quite rich. Apart from the candle stands, menorah symbols are also crafted on jewelry pieces. Thousands of Menorahs are available in the country during the occasion. These are regarded as excellent gift items in order to please friends, family and loved ones. Menorahs are available in a number of varieties. You can easily explore aluminum menorahs, ceramic menorahs, brass menorahs, designer menorahs, glass menorahs and even electric menorahs. One can even check out exclusive range of menorahs that are designed by renowned artists. Electric menorah is the modern variety that has grown very famous. It consists of candle-shaped bulbs that can be lit without any mess. You can easily access the traditional menorahs which uses virgin olive oil for keeping the light active. There are specific markets for this item in Israel that makes it easy for the locals as well as tourists.

Online Markets

Do you wish to buy menorah for sale? If yes, then do search the internet for buying menorah at easy rates. There are several local and international websites which outsource classic menorahs to the customers. You can select the variety of your choice and make a purchase sitting at home. Make sure you choose a trusted website that has decent customer reviews. Final Say: The importance of a menorah is quite deep. If you are planning to buy a menorah then do check it thoroughly. Buying online is quite comfortable and easy. To know more about menorahs you can visit Avi Luvaton website in order to check various varieties.

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