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Gifts for Hanukkah, Bar Mitzvah, or Jewish wedding? Look No Further than Avi Luvaton Through his own unparalleled artistic vision, Jewish art designer Avi Luvaton has created quality pieces for more than 30 years. His craft? Judaica, or Jewish ceremonial art.

These products add flair to all your favorite Jewish necessities: Torah cases, challah dishes and covers, Seder plates, tallit sets, Kiddush cups, and more. Judaica refers to the objects used during Jewish religious rituals or ceremonies. Its lengthy tradition has been carried on by skilled craftsmen for centuries and has long been commissioned to ensure the highest quality. The ritual ceremonies of Shabbat, Hanukkah, Passover, Sukkot, and Jewish weddings have necessitated the use of these items.

Judaica is an artistic method that not only allows the artist to create original pieces for use during these ceremonies, but it also lets the worshipper to select their favorite style to personalize their experience. Above all, Judaica is intended to enhance God’s commandments, or mitzvah as it is known in Hebrew. Avi Luvaton has excelled in his role in enhancing mitzvah through his work with Judaica and displays all of his work in his quality Judaica gallery. Avi designs each unique piece in his own studio, located in the heart of Jerusalem, and creates exclusive products in over 20 categories of Judaica gifts and colorful collections. His work draws inspiration from the Torah and his items are long-lasting and non-tarnish, so they can be passed down for generations to come.

Avi offers a wide assortment of items in his gallery, anywhere from a Torah cover to the Brit Milah pillow. Although these items may vary in the amount of use they get daily, Avi’s vision demonstrates the opportunity of each product to add an inspired twist to otherwise mundane ritual items. With quality materials, unique colors, and stylistic flair, Avi’s products never fail to provide both aesthetic and religious value to a ceremony.   With Avi, each customer receives precisely the item and design they desire. He invites customers to create pieces according to their own specifications and customize their designs according to their preferences. For example, for their Brit Milah pillows, customers have the option of selecting the color, a special verse for the ceremony, and embroidering their family name. Through his customization options, Avi demonstrates that each customer is a personal connection to him.

The time he spends in the studio is much more than work to him. Rather, it is dedicated time to his customers as he is crafting each item for the individual as they request it.   Although, Avi’s impact extends beyond his role of being a quality provider of Jewish art in just the Holy City as his work is widely accessible to all those wishing to purchase his products for any occasion. His items are displayed in a variety of local galleries and storefronts in Jerusalem and extends to the international community with his additional studio in Italy and his worldwide online store. Through this online store, he offers 20 categories of select Judaica gifts and colorful collections such as:  

  • Afikoman bags
  • Challah covers
  • Kiddush cup sets
  • Torah cases
  • Brit Milah pillows
  • Challah dishes
  • Mezuzahs
  • Torah Mantles
  • Candelabras
  • Menorahs
  • Rainbow dreidels
  • Torah rimonim
  • Candlesticks
  • Honey dishes
  • Seder plates
  • Tzedakah boxes
  • Challah boards
  • Tallit sets
  • washing cups
  • Mizrahs
  • Mayim achronims
  • Fountain sets

The above list includes only some of the items that Avi offers online and in his galleries. The variety of products presented provides the opportunity for you to purchase items you need with the color, style, and flair of your choosing or to gift any of these to your favorite friends or relatives for a number of occasions.   So, when’s the best time to purchase from Avi? How about for…   A Jewish wedding? Every newlywed couple needs a Kiddush cup and Challah cover. Avi’s collection offers a diverse array of 8 different Kiddush cup sets to choose from. His designs range from simple and sophisticated to charming and childish. Pick your favorite or what you think the couple might like. Each set comes with 1 large cup, and either 6, 8, or 12 smaller cups.

Conversely, select a Challah cover for the happy couple and Avi has three choices for you: Leaves Challah, Blooming Shabbat, or Seven Species Shabbat. Each variety has different pastel colors, designs, and synthetic silk fabric made in his textile studio.   Bar mitzvah? Take a look at the hand-crafted tallits, a traditional male prayer garment that fathers have long-time gifted to sons. Avi hand sews two different tallit sets in his textile studio. If your son will soon enter adulthood, consider a 100 percent wool and hand-embroidered tallit for him.

A matching kippa is also available and a bag is included. Look for a variety of colors to suit your taste or buy a matching set for father and son. These tallits provide the opportunity to include the males in your family while upholding the tradition, style, and colorful elements for which Judaica is most known.   Or the upcoming Hanukkah season? Select one of 4 of Avi’s rainbow dreidels and instantly become the family favorite at during your next holiday celebration. Customize the color of your dreidel to match the menorah of your loved one.

The Hebrew letters and gold detailing are sure to make this a cherished item year-round. Hanukkah also provides the opportunity to gift a relative with any number of Judaica items, even if it is not specific to the holiday. The uses of Judaica are abundant and Avi’s products of the highest quality that anyone would be thrilled to receive them during this time. Avi’s galleries and online store have something for everyone. From the children’s Kiddush cups to the tallits to challah covers, each item is uniquely designed for the customer and hand-crafted to perfection.

Avi makes it possible for anyone in the world to own quality Judaica without having to travel to Jerusalem or Italy. While there may be other online Judaica webstores and galleries around the globe, none provide the same style, colors, or hand-crafted quality of Avi Luvaton. His practice of 30 years means he’s a leader in the industry and wants to ensure all Judaica you purchase is of the highest quality with satisfaction guaranteed.

Interested in learning more? Visit Avi’s website here: https://www.luvaton.com/ or any of his quality Judaica galleries and stores listed below. Locations: Avi Luvaton Store at the David Citadel Hotel (4th Floor) 7 King David St’, Jerusalem Luvaton Gallery at the David Citadel Hotel (3rd Floor) 7 King David St’, Jerusalem   Avi Luvaton Store at the Mamilla Hotel 11 Shlomo Hamelech St’, Jerusalem Avi Luvaton Store on Mamillian Boulevard 9 Shlomo Hamelech St’, Jerusalem

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