Water Flowers Mezuzah Set

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


Six special mezuzah designed in the spirit of beautiful water flowers.
This mezuzahs is also available separately in Cattail, Pitcher (Plant), Wild Grass, Papyrus, Water Lilies and Daisy designs.
The set include all six mezuzahs for matching your entire house.


The Water Flowers set of 6 mezuzot include designs with Israeli water flows such as daisies, papyrus, pitcher plants, water lilies, and wild grass.

Each mezuzah has 3D handcrafted flower detailing.

These mezuzahs can also be bought individually.

They are produced from durable non-tarnishing materials, gorgeous polishes, and stained glass.

Scroll size = 4.5"
Width = 1"
Height = 5.5"