Vitrage Water Flowers Seder Plate Set Tall


This is a tall Seder Plate Set in a beautiful colored glass vitrage design.

This Seder plate is inspired by water flowers.

Avi Luvaton designs this seder plate in two sizes – you can also find a shorter plate for your selection.


Available: 9999 in stock

The tall colored glass seder plate resembles Israeli water flowers.

The colors of the stained glass pieces can custom designed.

This seder plate comes with clear glass petal shaped dishes.

It has three treys used to holding the 3 matzohs used during the seder.

This seder plate is hand-made and easy to clean as a result of the brass, rhodium polish, optional gold plating and stained glass used to create this meaningful seder plate.

You can display it after the holiday or present it as a gift.

Width = 15.00000000
Height = 5.70000000