Tishrey kiddush cups set

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is a special set of tishrey kiddush cups.

The tishery kiddush cup is made from precious stones in Kiddush desing by Avi Luvaton.

The set is available for your selection of 6, 8 or 12 small cup and one large cup which includes awe-inspiring plate.

* The kiddush set does not include the big tray, which can be bought separately.


Majestic and awe-inspiring Thisrey Kiddush Cup Set produced by hand from the finest materials and natural stone.

Each cup is unique in appearance because it was hand carved from natural stone.

The center cup features striking olive branch detailing.

These spectacular cups were made from rhodium polished brass so they maintain a dazzling silver color, and also have rich gold polish detailing and interior.

This breathtaking set includes 1 large kiddush cup, a matching stone plate for the large cup, and a set of smaller dazzling cups with the same natural stone.

Available in a variety of natural stones. white or rose quartz or amethyst.

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