Smoke Verse (Pasuk) Talit

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is a Talit with a verse written on it.

This Tallit has a smoky color.

You can select the size, stripes color and fabric type.

The Talit comes with a Tallit and Tefillin bags

*does not include a Kippah


נר לרגלי דבריך ואור לנתיבתי״- תהילים קי״ט, ק״ה

“Your words are a lamp for my foot, and light for my path” Psalms (Tehilim) 119:105

A single contemporary flower is embroidered at the corners and ends of the atarah.

This hand embroidered set is produced in 3 sizes, different fabric types, and a range of colors.

Comes with bag for talit and tefilin but not with kippah.

100% wool

White Tzitzit

Kosher Mehadrin

Width = 0.00000000
Height = 0.00000000