Sefaradic Flowers design Torah Case

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is a unique sefaradic Torah box made by Avi Luvaton.
This torah case has metal plating and beautiful metal flowers ornaments.
You can order this version for your favorite synagogue or for your private collection.
Avi Luvaton also will be happy to help you create a meaningful Torah case according to your desired requests.

Please contact us to find out more!

This wooden structured calanit adorned Torah case has a metal plating and verse engraving around the top.

The verse, flowers, and Torah Rimonim are gold plated.

The stunning and symbolic metal detailing are polished using a luminous rhodium treatment.

The case interior is fabric lined.

No polishing is necessary.

This Torah Case with calanit flowers is customizable for private use and synogogues.

Avi Luvaton is ready and able to create the perfect Torah case for you or your congregation.

Please contact and get more information!

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