Orange Rainbow Washing Cup

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


This is a Natla (washing cup) that is used for the Mitzva of washing hand before a meal – Netilat Yadayim.

This is a unique hand painted orange washing cup and you can also order it in red or green.

This beautiful washing cups is part of Avi Luvaton rainbow collection.

Available: 1000 in stock

This Orange Rainbow Washing Cup includes a plate to hold the contemporary washing cup.

The 2 handled washing cup fits inside the center of the rainbow collection theme plate.

The plate has a modest dome shape and includes original hand painting under the reflective acrylic glass.

Both pieces are made using brass with rhodium plating.

The inside of the orange washing cup is gold plated.

Width = 6.00000000
Height = 6.00000000