Maple Wood Challah Board

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This is a luxurious cutting board made from high quality maple wood.

This is a special cutting board for challah or bread.
The Challah cutting board comes along with a sharp cutting knife.
Available in various beautiful wood designs and even gem stones.

Available: 1000 in stock

This natural maple wood board is similar in style to the walnut wood board.

A protective layer of Plexiglas is applied to the beautiful wood to avoid scratches.

Like the stone boards, the walnut wood challah board has the same handcrafted colored glass, metal "Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha'aretz" and wheat illustration painted with the non-tarnish rhodium special gold plating.

The wood board also includes the steel knife complete with the matching wheat illustrations and colored glass.

Width = 32.00000000
Height = 2.50000000