Gold plated Hanukiah

(Price without Tax for non Israeli customers)


Hanukkah is a holiday full of color and light.

In cooperation with one of the greatest artists in Murano Italy, Avi Luvaton has created an impressive elegant Hanukia or  Chanukah Menorah with unique color combinations in special technique.

Available: 9999 in stock

This Gold Plated hanukia was created in the same shape and style as the glass Lights hanukiot.

It has a stunning and majestic layer of gold plating.

The hanukia is non-tarnishing.

You can display this work of art year round and use it for Hanukah.

It’s an extraordinary Avi Luvaton design perfect for any home, synagogue, community center, or institution.

Width = 16.00000000
Height = 29.50000000